Fluffkit Variants

dog training kit

FluffKit for puppy toilet training

This puppy training starter kit comes with the right essentials you need to toilet train your puppy indoors as well as training them outdoors once the vaccinations are done.Our expert video guide provided handhold you through the entire training process.
Dog pee pads

FluffKit for puppy housetraining

The ultimate starter kit for house training your puppy. The pee-pads provided have a unique texture which help puppies learn faster. Through the expert video guides provided you will learn how to teach your puppy to use the pads indoors.
dog biting training

FluffKit for puppy biting

Puppy teething can be an irritating phase for both - you and your pup. With the right chews, diy value toys, positive reinforcement training and expert video guidance provided in this puppy biting training kit you'll be able to handle puppy biting with ease.
puppy training kit

FluffKit for mental stimulation

Is your little ball of energy bouncing all over the place, chewing, digging and raising havoc? Our mental stimulation will help you keep them stimulated both physically and mentally while also bonding with your pup.