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Our Experts

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Calvin Godinho

Calvin Godinho, a seasoned canine behaviorist and marketing expert, brings a unique blend of skills to the world of pet care. His passion lies in helping pet parents build strong connections with their furry companions and training them for real-life situations, creating well-adjusted, well-behaved dogs. He specializes in working with fearful dogs. Calvin's work is defined by compassion, ethics, and the celebration of each dog's unique personality.
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Aishwarya Ray

Aishwarya Ray is a dog trainer & behaviourist and has worked with over 40 pet parents to train their dogs and plan behaviour modification programs to address and manage behaviour issues. She also conducts various workshops and enjoys collaborating with pet parents to help as many dogs and humans to find and adapt to their perfect family!

Choose the right dog for you, your family, home and kids.

A giant Cane Corso is adorable, while it also REQUIRES YOUR TIME & WORK. Just as it would be for an Indie dog, Shih Tzu, German Sheperd, Lab, or a Beagle. Each dog has a personality, their own genetics, and behaviours, so before you start the wonderful journey of bringing home your fur-ever friend, let’s talk and let us help you choose your right companion dog. 







Considering the factors above, we help you understand which dog breed and personality would settle better into your family, what it entails to bring home a pet, all the things you need to do to ready your home and family members as well.


After booking a consultation, our experts will connect with you online on the scheduled date. During the consultations we’ll study your lifestyle, family, routines and help create a profile. Based on the overall analysis, we'll recommend upto 3 breeds that match your lifestyle. This will make the decision process easy and will help you make an informed decission.

The duration of a single consultation session is 45 minutes long.

The consultation will generally cover topics regarding how to select the right dog breed, if your desired breed is the right choice for you, setting expectations right, what to expect when getting home a puppy, care during growth years.

Every dog has a different personality,behavior and needs.The consultation will help you understand which dog breed and personality fits right with your lifestyle, the responsibilities that come along. We will also discuss if you should opt for an older dog or a puppy and better gauge your preparation for getting home a new puppy. At the end, based on our expert analysis and experience, we will suggest upto 3 dog breeds which might suit you the best.