Potty Train your puppy

We’re so excited about helping you raise your new puppy. By now, you must be wondering how something so small can generate so much excreta. Food and water must seem to come out of the puppy as soon as they go in. Worry not, with this mini toilet training FluffKit you’ll be equipped with the right products and knowledge to quickly toilet train your pup to go indoors as well as transition to the outdoors.

Your Arsenal

(Note : This is the mini version of FluffKit intended for indoor toilet training and comes with 2 reusable pads and a packet of tasty treats. The other products shown here are available in the complete kit which is for both indoor + outdoor toilet training )

Now that you know what exactly Fluffkit for toilet training contains, let’s learn how to potty train your puppy using the products provided, shall we? 

Training Indoors

Living in high rise apartments, you can’t always take your puppy out of toileting. Or like when during monsoons, it might not be possible to always take your puppy outdoors. Thus its important that your pup has a spot to relieve herself indoors too.

Surface variation is the answer to your puppy’s indoor potty training! Dogs recognize where to toilet by differentiating between surfaces. That’s why they might repeatedly pee on the furry mat outside your bathroom.           

The pee mat/dry sheets from your FluffKit have different textures and provide the difference in surface. Now all you got to do is to teach your puppy to associate the pee mats as toileting spots. Here’s how you do it step by step.

A routine develops habits. Establish a routine with fixed feeding times and note down the time when Ms. puppy poos/pees, for the next 2 days. This will help you identify a pattern on how long can she hold her poop and how often she needs to pee. Now you can be ready for these moments with treats in your  pockets.

Now that you can predict when your puppy is going to pee/poo, you’ll be ready to take them to the right spot.

Place the pee mats in the rooms the puppy is in frequently, like near her bed and the living room. This will ensure that you have a place to take your puppy to no matter where you are in the house. The pee mats are reusable and can be machine washed. 

Never leave your pup unsupervised. Initially, your little ball of fur might try to bite on/play with the mats. They will take sometime to realize that these are their toileting spots. Watch out for signs that your puppy needs to toilet. Common are sniffing around in circles, squatting and doing the funny walk, barking or scratching at the door. If you see any of these, immediately take her to the designated toilet spot with the pee mat.

You’ll observe  that Ms. Puppy always pees within 15 minutes of waking up, and poos within 15 minutes of eating. You’ll also notice that she always pees after running or playing a lot. Your puppy might also initially confuse doormats, rugs, etc. as toileting spots due to the difference in texture. Keep an eye on your pup and take them to the spot with the pee mats the moment you see any signs. 

As soon as she toilets at the designated spot, praise her warmly (Good, good girl!!!, Who’s our perfect potty-maker!!?) and give her a few pieces of treats provided in your FluffKit. Your puppy will soon realize that when she toilets at the designated spot she gets a lot of praise along with some yummy treats which will be an added motivation.

It takes about six to seven months for the puppy’s bladder to have enough control to hold it for five to six hours, so there will be some misses. Never punish your puppy for accidents as it will have more of a negative impact and isn’t helpful at all. Clean these accidents using a solution made of clothes detergent and water. This takes away the smell, instead of depositing a new one on top of the excreta.

If you clean the area with a floor cleaner or an antiseptic, the two smells intermingle and the puppy starts recognizing the area as the toilet. Taking away the smell stops that. Now puppy will go to the place that smells of pee — the mat .

Tips & Tricks

  • While toilet training indoors, you can a dab a small area of the pee pads in your puppy’s pee. This will help them recognize the spot better and faster.
  • Strictly prevent your puppy from getting into no-go areas such as the kitchen and the prayer room. Provide limited access using baby gates, puppy pen fence, etc. This will help you keep an eye on the puppy and avoid accidents.
  • Dogs naturally don’t defecate and pee near their beds and feeding areas. So don’t keep the pee mat there. Keep it in the opposite direction.
  • Remember your puppy has teeny-tiny pudgy legs and may not be able to run or walk a long distance. So don’t keep the mat too far away at first. You can increase the distance as she grows.
  • Always keep some treats handy so that you’re able to reward your puppy toileting at the right spot.

That’s it folks! You are now equipped with the right products and knowledge to take toilet training heads on! Don’t forget to keep us updated with your journey by posting pictures of you training your fluff and tagging @flufffcrew or with #fluffkit. Also, if you found FluffKit to be helpful, do recommend to other puppy parents too 🙂 Thank you!